Persian Lesson 27 – Short Questions in S. P. tense

Persian Lesson 27 – Short Questions in S. P. tense

Persian Lesson 27 – Short Questions in S. P. tense

Jan 3, 2019 - Persian Language Courses

Salam! Khosh amadid!


Hello everyone, welcome back!

I hope you are enjoying the lessons. Did you have any problems with lesson 26?

Today, we’ll practice a bit more to get more fluent in changing a sentence into a question form (interrogative). As you have noticed, what is important here is the way we pronounce the sentence or I’d better say the intonation of verbs. Before we try, let’s take a short quiz. Agreed? Good!


1- Say these words in Persian:

window – to go – to see – glass – to clean – woman – lady – Mr. – to buy – welcome – good bye (bye bye) –

2- Say these numbers in Persian:

Zero – 10000 – 14000 – 99 – 111 – 888 – 150000 – 500000 – 1659236 – 97 – 469

3- Say these sentences in Persian:

a – Her younger brother flew four kites yesterday evening.
B – Tom’s friend didn’t clean his room tonight.
C – Mr. Jones visited 12 countries two years ago.
D – Mrs. Green received four white boxes this morning.
E – They didn’t find their white dog any more.
F – Our classmate bought 5 orange belts the day before yesterday.
G – They didn’t have that black and white TV last year.
H – Three black cats caught two white mice 15 hours ago.

All right, hope you have no problems.

Now let’s see what we have today.

You already know this sentence in Persian:

They went.

Try it again. You will say  /a:nha: ræftænd/.

What is the negative form of this sentence? Easy, isn’t it?  /a:nha: næræftænd/.

Question form?  /a:ya: a:nha: ræftænd/?

As you have noticed, this sentence ‘ /a:ya: a:nha: ræftænd/?’ is the same as this one  /ræftænd/?

Result: In short sentences like this, instead of saying the entire sentence, we can simply say the verb with a question intonation. Is the explanation clear?

Now let’s see some more examples:

Did they write?  /a:ya: a:nha: neveshtænd/? =  /neveshtænd/?

Did he write?  /a:ya: u: nevesht/? =  /nevesht/?

Did you write?  /a:ya: to neveshti/? =  /neveshti/?

Now you try the followings:

Did you buy?  /khæridi/?

Did she buy?  /khærid/?

Did they buy?  /khæridænd/?

Did you see?  /didi/?

Did he see?  /did/?

Did they see?  /didænd/?

Did you clean?  /tæmiz kærdi/?

Did she clean?  /tæmiz kærd/?

Did they clean?  /tæmiz kærdænd/?

I am sure you can do it.

See you next week!

Khoda Hafez!

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What a relief! A really easy lesson with all known words.