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We have started our online Persian courses!

Our academic courses are prepared for elementary, intermediate, and advanced learners. So whether you know your current level of Persian language proficiency or not, our free placement test will help you participate in the right online course.
Our highly-skilled instructors have many years of experience teaching the Persian language to non-native students. They know exactly what you need and help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the best way.

We at follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for our courses. This standard categorizes the knowledge of language into six main levels: A1-A2 (Basic), B1-B2 (Independent), and C1-C2 (Proficient).

Basic Persian Level

A1: The learner can easily introduce him/herself and understand everyday conversations and phrases to satisfy basic needs.
A2: The learner understands the common expressions and can communicate about personal information, shopping, transportation, etc. These simple and routine tasks require simple and direct information exchange, and the person can meet the immediate needs of everyday life.


Independent Persian Level

B1: The learner can figure out the main points of standard input about different matters at school, work, or on the street. At this level, the person will be able to deal with the situations when traveling to Persian-speaking countries. Also, he can come up with simple connected sentences on familiar topics
and talk about his dreams and future plans.
B2: A Persian language learner at this level can understand the gist of complicated texts such as technical articles. He/she can talk to a native Persian speaker fluently and doesn’t need a third person for this need and also write texts about different subjects in a clear way.


Proficient Persian Level

C1: At this level, the learner easily understands long paragraphs of articles and recognizes the meaning without having to spend a long time searching for the expressions. Let it be an academic purpose or a professional matter; the Persian learner can produce well-organized texts with proper use of organizational patterns, punctuation, etc.
C2: A C2 Persian learner has no difficulty understanding everything verbally or written. He/she will be able to sum up information from different sources and present them in a coherent approach. Learners at this level express themselves precisely, even in complex situations.


How Much Do The Online Persian Courses Cost?

The curriculum and our pricing plans are as follows:

Level Number of Sessions Costs Per Session Our Offer: 2 Sessions Free of Charge
A1 15 €25 €375 €325
A2 15 €30 €450 €390
B1 15 €35 €525 €455
B2 15 €40 €600 €520
C1 15 €45 €675 €585
C2 15 €50 €750 €650


Free Assessment Test to Define Your Current Persian Skills

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