Persian Lesson 36 – Which Persian? days of a week

Persian Lesson 36 – Which Persian? days of a week

Persian Lesson 36 – Which Persian? days of a week

Jan 11, 2019 - Persian Language Courses

Salam! Khosh amadid!

Hello everyone, how are you?

Before we start today, I would like you to see a message I have received this week.

Thanks again for the great work you do. My question concerns Farsi itself. I read that Farsi in Iran is not spoken the same way in every cities. For example, in Tehran and Shiraz, Farsi has some differences. Is that true? If it is, may I know which one you are teaching us? What kind of differences are there anyway?…

kheili moteshakeram, Mahtab

Actually, that is true. Different cities and even two neighboring villages in Iran have got different accents or dialects. That is to say, people of different areas speak in their own accent. We have lots of local accents and some languages in Iran. Inside each Province, the different accents in different cities are not so big and will not bring much troubles in communication . They can understand each other regardless of such a difference. Nevertheless, people of different provinces must speak in standard Persian to be understood properly. These accents are somehow the lingual identity of each person, which help us find the origin of that person more easily. Through a person’s special accent, you could say that this person is from this or that city or province.

The language I am teaching you is Farsi or Persian, which is the standard language of Iran. This language is totally understood in each and every city and village of Iran regardless of their accents or language. You can freely communicate with all Iranians of different backgrounds, language, and religion with this standard Persian.

I hope, I have explained it well!


1- Listen to the audio files first (preferably once). Repeat it for a couple of times. Write it down on a paper. Find their English equivalents. (Seen).




2- Find the Persian equivalent for the following words and make seven sentences with each of them (one in simple past tense, negative in simple past, interrogative in simple past, one in present perfect tense, negative in present perfect tense, one using ‘for’, and one with ‘since’).



To close


To see

To kiss

3- Say these numbers in Persian:

11 – 23 – 51 – 900 – 1009 – 3010 – 46211

All right, let’s begin now.

Today, we are going to learn days of a week in Persian.

As you probably know, weeks in Iran start with Saturday and ends with Friday. So, we’ll start from Saturday.

Here, all you need to know is Saturday and Friday. You won’t have problems with the rest of them.


Saturday  /shæn beh/.

Sunday  /yek shæn beh/.

Monday  /do shæn beh/.

Tuesday  /seh shæn beh/.

Wednesday  /chæha:r shæn beh/.

Thursday  /pænj shæn beh/.

Friday  /jomeh/.

Ok, hope it’s not difficult!

See you next week!

Khoda Hafez!

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