Persian Lesson 25 – Quiz Starts, Colors, Numbers from 600 to 1000000

Persian Lesson 25 – Quiz Starts, Colors, Numbers from 600 to 1000000

Persian Lesson 25 – Quiz Starts, Colors, Numbers from 600 to 1000000

Dec 22, 2018 - Persian Language Courses

Salam! Khosh amadid!


Hello everyone, welcome back!

Before we start today, let’s take a look at one of your e-mails. It says:

I have been avidly following your lessons from the very beginning, and I have one suggestion for you. It would be helpful if you posted a small test at the beginning of each lesson covering the material from the previous lesson. This would encourage your pupils to actively learn the words and sentence structures instead of just reading along. Sometimes I find myself just writing everything down but not memorizing the words. I am sure others would find this helpful also.

Could you say ‘No’ to this suggestion?

Generally, other students in the class don’t like such suggestions!! But this class is different from other classes. Here, you won’t be punished if you don’t know the answers. So, you don’t need to get angry with the person who has offered such a good suggestion! But remember, if you don’t answer to these questions and ignore them carelessly you will see my angry face on your desktop!! Just take a close look at your desktop if you want to skip this simple quiz!!

From this week, I am trying to present a short quiz weekly before starting the new lesson. This will help us review what we have already learned. I will try to make it better during the next lessons. I hope you will like it. As you see, your suggestions bring a lot of change which will be really helpful for all of you. Please keep on writing to me and please don’t get upset if you receive no direct reply from me.


1- Translate the following words in to Persian.

Blue – White – Black – Purple – Tree – Curtain – Knife – To repair – To eat – Bird

2- Translate the following sentences into Persian.

A- We didn’t write one big book last year.

B- My good classmate bought a black bag 8 days ago.

C- Miss Helen washed those purple curtains 23 hours ago.

D- Tom’s friend didn’t clean his room tonight.

E- Mr. Jones visited 12 countries two years ago.

F- Her younger brother flew four kites yesterday evening.

G- That white cat didn’t catch 16 mice this week.

3- Say these numbers in Persian.

366 – 289 – 114 – 491 – 7 – 19 – 89 – 98 – 67 – 76 – 316 – 420

All right, now let’s see what we have got for today.

Today, we are going to learn some more colors and numbers to hopefully finish this section. Ready?

Brown =  /ghæh ve i:/.

Grey =  /kha:kestæri/.

Orange =  /na:renji/.

Sky =  /a:sema:n/. (This is not color!!)

Sky blue =  /a:bi ye a:sema:ni/.

Bright =  /roshæn/.

Bright color =  /ræng-e- roshæn/.

Dark (here) =  /ti:reh/.

Dark color =  /ræng-e- ti:reh/.


Now, let’s learn some more numbers. I don’t think we’ll need more numbers than we are going to learn today. This can be enough for us except you are a millionaire and want to count your money!! If this is the case, just let me know and I’ll count your money!! (of course with you and for you!!!).

These are the numbers:

600 =  /shesh sæd/.

700 =  /hæft sæd/.

800 =  /hæsht sæd/.

900 =  /noh sæd/.

1000 =  /heza:r/.

10000 =  /dæh heza:r/.

100000 =  /sæd heza:r/.

1000000 =  /yek milyu:n/.

601 =  /shesh sæd-o-yek/.

602 =  /shesh sæd-o- do/.

610 =  /shesh sæd-o- dæh/.

625 =  /shesh sæd-o- bist-o- pænj/.

Note: We already know the numbers from 1 to 100 fluently. All we need to do with the rest of our numbers, is connect them with -o- as you see in 601, 610, 625. All numbers follow the same rule.


Suppose that we want to say 1587 in Persian. We will say 1000 + 500 + 80 + 7. Put -o- between all of them. You will say /heza:r-o- pa:nsæd-o- hæshta:d-o- hæft/. Is it difficult? I hope not!

OK. That’s it for today.

See you next week!

Khoda Hafez!

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As usual, I have not encountered the following words in lessons 1-24: curtain, knife, bag, kite, mice, bird, to eat, to repair. Lotfan, where do they appear? Which lessons? Flummoxed as usual. Nonetheless, quizzes an excellent idea.

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