Persian Lesson 15 – How to Say ‘my’ plus ‘noun’ in Persian

Persian Lesson 15 – How to Say ‘my’ plus ‘noun’ in Persian

Persian Lesson 15 – How to Say ‘my’ plus ‘noun’ in Persian

Nov 18, 2018 - Persian Language Courses

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Hopefully, all of you know that learning a language is different from learning about a language. As long as we are busy learning the rules and grammar of a language, we are learning about that language. And when the ‘learning about a language’ procedure is over successfully, we will start learning the language, which is using the language practically in our daily conversations. During these lessons we are actually trying to learn ‘about Persian’. When these grammar rules are finished we will enter a new and interesting stage that is learning this language. During the ‘learning this language procedure’, we will use our knowledge really efficiently. And that day, which I am waiting for, will be the great day when we can work together more positively. We will create a great atmosphere together right here in this site, and you will become active partners in this course not as silent students.

All right. How are the lessons? Please be in touch! The more I know you, the better I’ll teach you.

Now let’s keep on working with simple past tense to make sure that it is fully understood and we have no problems with this tense.

Please try to learn the following words first.

Friend =  /du:st/

Father =  /pedær/

And  /ba:ba:/

Mother =  /ma:dær/

And  /ma:ma:n/

Brother =  /bæra:dær/

Sister =  /kha:hær/

Ok. Now let’s see how we can say ‘my friend’ in Persian.

Do you remember  /mim/? Great! The problem is solved! Simply put  after each word. That’s it!

You will say:

My friend =  /du:stæm/.

My father =  /pedæræm/.

And  /ba:ba:m/.

My mother =  /ma:dæræm/.

And  /ma:ma:næm/.

My brother =  /bæra:dæræm/.

My sister =  /kha:hæræm/.

Note: As you see, in most cases, we add  /mim/ with /æm/ pronunciation to the end of words. And in a few cases, when the word ends with long vowels, we just put  with no especial sound, like what you see in . This rule is applicable to all nouns. You may simply put  after a noun to make it ‘mine’!


My book =  /keta:bæm/.

All right. With this we come to the end of lesson 15. I hope you liked it.

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مسعود بیگدلی

سلام من از سایت شما کمال تشکر را دارم. من فارسی زبان هستم اما نیاز دارم برای اصول ویراستاری زبان فارسی را کامل و صحیح یاد بگیرم. خوشبختانه مطالب سایت شما بسیار مفید است و هم زمان زبانهای فارسی و انگلیسی را یاد میگیرم. ممنون


Last call: The supplemental exercises, a.k.a. "You May Like" do not correspond to the lesson just posited. On this page you suggest going to lessons 49, 37, 51 which are waaaay more advanced than what we have learned in the above lesson, 15, for instance. Lotfan, help me reconcile this inconsistency, resolve this issue or I will be forced to buy a Farsi learning book. l


Sorry I couldn't find that on this page. Where is it mentioned that you should go to lessons 49, 37, 51?


I feel like I am being gas-lighted--if you are familiar with that expression. There is some weird algorithm whereby these numerical recommendations are constantly shifting. Even within a five minute period. They are perpetually floating. I have been checking backwards and forwards to see if I perhaps conflated two different lessons in giving you those numbers but within that time frame, the three recommendations within each lesson changed! Craziness!


Those numbers are just generated randomly, there is no connection between them and the context of lesson. They are just as a notification to know about some other lessons as well. As you see the tile is: "You may like" not "Relevant lessons" or something like this.

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