Back to school in Iran

Back to school in Iran

Back to school in Iran

Sep 29, 2019 - News

Early morning rush on streets is back

By reopening the schools, rush on streets and roads is back. Heavy traffic starts building up as early as 6am as school buses take over roads. Different school buses took over the roads on Monday morning, September 23rd, - the first day of the new academic year in Iran. More than 14 million students across Iran are heading back at school on this day, after a three-month summer holiday.

Back to school in Iran


Different News photographers and reporters who spread across the country to cover the first day of school reported the roads got congested after 6am.

Heavy traffic on the first day of school

Traffic police personnel were present outside the schools and at major interactions close to the schools to ensure smooth traffic flow and to tackle with any emergencies. Many students with their parents arrived as early as 6.30am, an hour before their 7.30am school start.

Police officers near schools for safety

The students streamed through the school corridors, finding their new classroom and reuniting with friends. The sounds of excited children and wheels of school trolley bags reverberated off the walls. Some showed up in regular clothes as they still had to buy uniforms or wait for sets that are the right size for them.

New students in new year


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